CP Research Associates is founded by a psychiatrist, who during 40 years of practice has been intrigued by the observation that some people, complete strangers, on their first encounter experience a spontaneous “chemistry,” which enables them to automatically understand and communicate with each other.  This innate ability is a type of brain function, “mental synchrony,” that requires no prior learning or practice. 

The mission of CP Research Associates is to study mental synchrony with the purpose of gaining knowledge potentially applicable to matching individuals who best relate to each other for not just intimate relationships, but also tasks that require working smoothly together as a team in response to emergent situations. 

You are being asked to participate in a survey that seeks to identify, understand and categorize mental synchrony. The assignment of an untraceable private code to each participant will maintain anonymity of your identity and that of your partner.  Nobody will know who you are, including CP Research Associates.

All answers to questions in this survey are confidential.  Participants and their partners will not have access to each other’s questionnaires, which have been submitted to the survey. 

Your participation is much appreciated.

  • Peter M. Crain, MD. Founder