Love can feel like a mythic force at times; particularly when it comes with a generous dose of romantic chemistry! It’s exciting to imagine our most intense human connections in this way, for sure, but it can also serve as a stumbling block. Because, if love is a unicorn—an incomprehensible, otherworldly, and mysterious thing that forever remains just out of reach—how can we ever hope to catch up with it? It’s time to stop seeking out the supernatural!

If you’ve ever found yourself viewing love in this way, you’re certainly not alone. It’s a common misconception that love is something impossible to pin down and entirely outside of our control. But, today, science is finally beginning to dial down a far clearer picture of how love can be created, ignited, and kept burning brightly over the years. Crucially, researchers are coding love’s most essential ingredients and teaching us how to use chemistry to target love. So, are you ready to target your perfect love chemistry?

You Can’t Hit the Target Until You Can Paint It

When we talk about love, we often think of that exciting feeling of shared chemistry that we enjoy with a significant other. When you feel it, it’s as if your minds meld, you can intuit each other’s thoughts and emotions, and everything between you becomes beautifully aligned. Scientists call this magical experience mental synchrony, and the work of a Florida-based team of researchers led by board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Peter M. Crain has revealed that understanding mental synchrony and how to steer it is the key to unlocking love’s code.

At the moment, Dr. Crain and his team at CP Research Associates are busy helping couples tap into their true chemistry potential by scientifically analyzing their shared mental synchrony. If deeply fulfilling and romantically-charged relationships are the goal, Dr. Crain highlights that you can’t hit the target until you can paint it! That’s why they worked tirelessly to develop an innovative couples psychometric survey that can reveal couples’ current mental synchrony standing, before outlining how they can level-up their love connection. From there, it is you who gets to add in all the colors. So, let’s paint that target—it all begins with taking the survey!

Discover How to Target Your Perfect Love Chemistry

Are you and your partner ready to discover how to use chemistry to target love in a revolutionary way? The team that developed this transformational tool for romance are excited to share its potential, and also eager to express that participating in the couples psychometric survey is both entirely free and completely anonymous. Each participant is assigned a code that—after their results are combined with those of their partner—will allow them to see their mental synchrony scores as well as science-based tips on how to turn up the romantic thermostat if they wish to!

When love and discipline come together you have great chemistry.—Rick Pitino

Dr. Crain and his team are offering this phenomenal resource to couples everywhere for free because the anonymous insights that your participation provides will help to illuminate the science and secrets of love yet further—untangling the mystery even more!

In fact, after you complete the survey, you and your partner are invited to subscribe by email to receive updates on the next exciting phase of this groundbreaking research into what makes sparks fly between two people. Yes, love may well be as majestic as a unicorn, but it certainly isn’t as mysterious or unknowable, and when your connection is coded, you can use chemistry to target love. Are you ready to get started? Click here to begin your journey toward building a better relationship!

are ultimately hardwired for connection!

However, as we all set out or continue on our quest for real-deal romance, love’s joys can feel fleeting, fragile, and at times even downright evasive. Surely, there must be a way to understand the ingredients that create meaningful connection more fully? As it happens, there is, and here at CP Research Associates we call it the chemistry love code!

If you’ve ever experienced romantic chemistry with a love interest or partner, then you know first hand how intuitive it feels. Your connection feels electric, you finish each others thoughts, and you become deeply attuned to one another whether together or apart. It’s a feeling we all crave—sometimes when seeking a new partner, and sometimes when seeking to rekindle our existing romances.

As unexplainable as this meshing of human minds might feel, this Florida-based research team has been busy studying and quantifying what goes into creating such a powerful sense of connection. The science suggests that, rather than falling into the classic cliché of looking for love in all the wrong places, we should be looking for love in all the chemistry places! That’s why board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Peter M. Crain and his colleagues have developed a cutting-edge couples psychometric test that partners can use to measure their chemistry and reveal how to turn up the heat on their relationships. Are you curious to know more? Then read on!

Looking for Love in All the Chemistry Places

Fascinatingly, what we experience as romantic chemistry is actually known as mental synchrony in the science world. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that whenever you’re in the midst of that spine tingling kind of connection, you certainly feel as if you’re synced up with whoever has your affection! Still, you’re probably wondering, what does the chemistry love code mean for you—and what can it do in terms of deepening your relationships?

“My atoms love you atoms, it’s chemistry.”  — Atticus

Dr. Crain and his team have discovered that while romantic chemistry does involve a natural click to some extent, it is also something that can be analyzed and enhanced. Drawing on his observations over 40 years of practice and the in-depth research conducted by CP Research Associates, Crain is proud to present couples with the chance to measure their mental synchrony and illuminate their relationship’s potential.

The low down is that you and your partner will each take the anonymous couples psychometric survey privately, and while you won’t have access to each others answers, you will be able to view your shared results and their explanations together.

Unlock Your Unique Chemistry Love Code

And what have Dr. Crain and his team got in store for participants? Well, you and your significant other can prepare to get to know yourselves better—to know your unique chemistry love code better—and gain insight into how others perceive your actions. Discover how to forge trust in your relationship, create a greater sense of connection and intimacy, and make positive changes in your daily interactions.

With the chemistry love code at your fingertips, you can take the guesswork out of romantic chemistry and fire up your personal connection as never before. If you and your partner are ready to unlock the secrets of your mental synchrony and claim your results, head over to take the survey and kick-start that all-important romantic transformation today!