Have you ever experienced the magic of a “click” moment when meeting a love interest for the first time? The volume gets turned down on everything else in the room, and you find yourselves suddenly able to understand and communicate automatically—as if you’ve always known each other deeply. This joyful kind of spontaneous chemistry is called mental synchrony, and a Florida-based research team is on a quest to understand it better. In launching a couples psychometric test that is truly the first of its kind, the aim is to help couples maximize the rewards of their relationships with science-based tips, while drawing together the kind of data that can unlock the secrets of mental synchrony once and for all.

Of course, the harmonious highs of mental synchrony aren’t something that only couples in the first flush of passion get to experience. Being synced up enough to intuit and share one another’s thoughts and emotions is something that we all associate with strong, happy, and healthy relationships. But, have you ever wondered where exactly that powerful connection comes from?

What first piqued the interest of board-certified psychiatrist Peter M. Crain, MD was the mysterious immediacy of this striking phenomenon. He was fascinated by the way in which some people—complete strangers—seem to tap into an instinctive connection on their very first encounter, without so much as a hint of prior learning or practice. He wondered if he could pinpoint the parallel traits that allow partners to achieve that elusive “click”, and crucially, whether we can turn up the volume of mental synchrony in our current relationships, too.


Getting the Measure of Mental Synchrony

Crain shares that this innate human ability is a type of brain function, but what exactly does mental synchrony feel like? Well, perhaps you can relate to being able to finish the sentences of a significant other without knowing why, realizing that you are mirroring each other’s body language perfectly, or knowing what that person is feeling without needing to ask. Synchrony can even impact the body when in close contact, with breathing and possibly even heartbeats beginning to harmonize. Enticingly, mental synchrony is entirely natural, cannot be faked, and is something that we all have the capacity to experience. One can’t help but wonder, how do our everyday relationships measure up?

This enigmatic form of romantic connection is something that Crain has spent the last 40 years observing in his practice and is striving to illuminate further. Today, with his team at CP Research Associates, the psychiatrist is busy demystifying this desirable relationship facet and building solid research on the “secret sauce” that makes mental synchrony manifest.

As for those of us outside the field of science, things are hotting up too, because the first interactive component of this exciting project has launched. You and your partner are invited to participate in a free couples psychometric test designed to allow you to lift the curtain on your unique personal connection. Participating couples can confirm their romantic intuition, discover more about how their love match stacks up, and explore how to elevate it further!


A Couples Psychometric Test Brimming With Possibility

Cleverly, the couples psychometric test is entirely anonymous and confidential, with each participant assigned an untraceable private code so that results can be revealed without sharing personal information. After completing the test separately, couples won’t see each other’s answers but can check out their mental synchrony via six scores, with easy-to-follow explanations and handy suggestions on how to improve their connection for an even more satisfying relationship.

For Crain and his team, the mental synchrony magic doesn’t stop there. All of the anonymous data gathered through the couples psychometric test will allow CP Research Associates to elucidate the chemistry of romance as never before so that they can accurately predict love matches for those still on the hunt for a singular soulmate. This research has other exhilarating applications, too, like being able to optimize the cohesion of co-workers, sports teams, and more.

Those participating in the couples psychometric test will actively be contributing to a project that aims to grant universal access to the delight of spontaneous connection, which we think you’ll agree is a pretty cool thing to be a part of. If your curiosity is ignited, why not discover today how tight the natural connection is between you and your loved one?There’s nothing to lose, and potentially a whole lot to gain!