We’ve all heard the saying it takes two to tango, but I’ve always preferred the one that goes: It takes two flints to make a fire. Why? Because when a relationship is defined by authentic connection, things can heat up pretty quickly! Today, both quotes are pretty poignant, because we’re here to talk about a free and easy compatibility test that measures something nifty called mental synchrony.

This fascinating facet of human relationships is the mojo that allows people to intuit each other’s thoughts and feelings—to feel as if they’ve known each other a lifetime on their very first date night. Perhaps you know the feeling? If you’ve been trawling the internet in search of quizzes for relationships, as so many of us die-hard romantics do, then you’ve landed in an advantageous spot. Because this one is all about the science of connection. Let’s dig into how the test works, and why you and your partner should jump on taking it!

Why Measuring Mental Synchrony Trumps Other Quizzes for Relationships

Florida-based and board-certified psychiatrist Peter M. Crain, MD has spent more than four decades actively observing the spark that allows relationships to remain ignited, and today he and his dedicated team at CP Research Associates are developing powerful data that not only allows them to understand this phenomenon better, but also pinpoint exactly how epic love matches can be revealed, enhanced, and deepened. An exciting prospect for dreamy-eyed romance-seekers everywhere!

While many of the quizzes for relationships out there in the ether take a swing at measuring what partners have in common on a superficial level, Crain and his team have developed their easy compatibility test based on solid science—elucidated through methodical research into what makes us sync up and feel entirely in tune with one another. At this exciting phase in their work, they are inviting couples everywhere to leverage their thus-far illuminated understanding of love, and contribute anonymously to casting that light of knowledge yet further, on the cutting edge of romance research.

All You Need to Know About Taking This Easy Compatibility Test

Alongside contributing entirely anonymously to this ground-breaking research, participants of the couples survey will enjoy the chance to discover bespoke guidance on how to maximize their relationship’s potential and tap into greater mutual satisfaction. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s begin with how to take this easy compatibility test, which draws me back to those “it takes two” quotes from earlier. Because, to reveal how your relationship measures up, you and your partner will both need to be on board, as this is a two-part couples survey. You can anticipate that each of will complete a brief private questionnaire, before you both get to revel in the unveiling of your compatibility scores!

The couples survey may only take around ten minutes to complete but its results will have been years in the making! Meticulous research has gone into developing these questions so that the complexities of your love match can be discovered within a simple three-step process. Once you and your partner are ready to begin, you’ll need to give each other a little privacy to complete your respective segments. So, shhh, no sharing!

Step by Step, It Really Is That Simple!

Once whoever went first—let’s go with “Partner #1”, for clarity’s sake—has completed their section of the couples survey, a ‘switch’ page will appear. Partner #1 can copy and paste the browser link to their partner, or even send it by SMS to their mobile device, and then Partner #2 can take things from there. Each of you can expect to spend about five minutes on your answers, which is not much time at all for the return of unlocking your relationship’s potential!

Once again, privacy is a must because for the most accurate results, you won’t want to influence each other’s answers. However, once Partner #2 has completed their part of the survey, it’s time to come back together for the big reveal. Whether you’re in the same place physically or simply together in spirit when this moment arrives, you’ll both be able to view your results together.

Gaining Personal Insight While Remaining Anonymous

The developers behind the compatibility test understand that answering question’s about your relationship is a pretty intimate act. This is why they created a system that assigns each participant an anonymous code in order to complete the couple’s survey. You and your partner will be able to see your mutual results, but nobody—not even the CP Research Associates team—will know who those results came from. If you want to, you can join the follow-up program by submitting just your email address. This will allow you to receive a notification about the 2nd round of these quizzes for relationships and track your progress for free. But you’re not obliged in any way, so if you’d rather not even give your email and keep the survey 100% anonymous you can. No problem!

So there you have it. Just a few simple steps and you and your partner can open the door to a deeper understanding of your unique connection—alongside contributing to research that will allow countless others to experience more meaningful relationships in the future. If you’re ready to give this easy compatibility test a try, check it out here. Getting the measure of your love match is only minutes away!