Within a world filled with romance movies, chocolate boxes, and fluffy hearts, it comes as no surprise that the quest for real and meaningful love is an intrinsic part of the human experience. No doubt, that’s why so many

Oh, the source of all metaphorical flying sparks—you know what we’re talking about: romantic chemistry! Is it as mysterious and elusive as we are led to believe, or is it something that we can learn to manifest with a little help from science? Well, the task of answering this question is something that Florida-based and board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Peter M. Crain and his team at CP Research Associates are dedicated to. The exciting news is that they’ve been busy coding the chemistry that ignites passion on behalf of romantics just like you, and they are ready to invite you to share in their results!

There are few things sweeter in life than experiencing the thrill that comes with romantic chemistry. It’s something that is usually first encountered in a new connection, as electricity fills the air, and a couple feels as if they understand each other completely—perhaps after only a few hours! At other times, it is conjured unexpectedly, when seeing someone you’ve known for a while in an entirely new light. Of course, for some couples, that desirable chemistry spark can feel frustratingly just out of reach! What if there were a science-based answer to finally capturing that enticing sense of connection?

“If love is the engine, intellect is the ignition and chemistry is the spark.”Kate McGahan

Dr. Crain and his team tend to use a more scientific term for this funky shared phenomenon: mental synchrony. It’s that je ne sais quoi that lights up a relationship and raises the feeling of a deep and shared knowing. While historically, this experience has been painted as an enigma, it turns out that romantic chemistry is more quantifiable and within our control than we imagine. If you and your partner are finding that sparks fly fleetingly, or perhaps have even begun to fizzle, then this is the kind of science homework you will welcome! Are you ready to ignite your romantic chemistry as never before?

Decode Your Connection to Fire Up Your Chemistry

Mental synchrony—or romantic chemistry—can often feel unexplainable. When with the person that ignites your passions, you may find that you finish each other’s sentences, anticipate each other’s next actions, or know how the other feels without even asking. What might surprise you is that Dr. Crain and his team have developed a scientifically-rooted formula to accurately identify the romantic compatibility that fuels this very fire. Not only that, but their work indicates that romantic chemistry between two willing participants can be ignited, illuminated, and enhanced with a little expert guidance.

“I think chemistry is finding something you love about a person and then transferring it to an in love kind of thing.”Drew Barrymore

This process begins with shining that all-important spotlight on a connection—your connection. The key is developing a deep understanding of the way that you and your partner interact, and vitally, how to unlock the true potential of the mental synchrony that you share. In order to make this magic happen, Crain and his team concentrated what they’ve learned so far into developing a cutting-edge couples psychometric test that you and your partner can take today.

The Mental Synchrony Calculator is a couples survey that you will both participate in privately, before being able to share in the exploration of your results. Based on your answers, you will gain a greater insight into your unique connection and access science-based tips on how to enhance your bond, create intimacy, avoid conflict, and build trust. Better yet, the process is completely free and entirely anonymous. So, prepare to shine a light on your relationship to ignite your chemistry—click here and START with this essential survey!

of us reach for light-hearted magazine quizzes featuring couples compatibility questions, romantic gift-buying guides, and restaurant reviews ahead of our next big date night. Yes, there are a huge number of messages and signals out there for us to measure our relationships by, but few have any real science to back them up, and most overlook something fundamental—the chemistry of love!

“Do you feel as if you and your partner fit together like pieces in a puzzle?”

Today, an impassioned team of Florida-based researchers is busy correcting this oversight on behalf of true romantics everywhere. Because why wouldn’t we want to understand the science of what makes hearts flutter and eyes sparkle? Read on to discover why chemistry is everything when it comes to making and building great love matches. Get a taste of the couple compatibility questions that you should really be asking yourselves, and learn more about how you can get involved in the real science of what makes soulmates sync up!

Why the Chemistry of Love Matters

Picture in your mind’s eye for just a moment, a couple who were recently matched on a dating app. Olivia and Liam are sitting together having coffee, and as much as they don’t like to admit it, they’re both bored with a capital B. On paper, they both feel that sparks should be flying because they’ve got so much in common. They share a mutual physical attraction, move in the same friendship circles, and enjoy a lot of the same interests. Their viewpoints align, and even their backgrounds are very similar. Should be a match made in heaven, right?

“Do you and your partner complete each other’s sentences?”

Despite all of these gold-standard credentials that make them feel as if they should be sharing an electric connection, these two people just don’t seem to gel. As Olivia awkwardly fidgets with her sugar packets, Liam finds himself gazing listlessly out of the window—clearly, both are feeling puzzled and just a little frustrated. What could possibly be missing? The answer is chemistry!

Why Couple Compatibility Questions Should Measure the Chemistry of Love

What Olivia and Liam don’t realize—and what many on the quest for love aren’t aware of either—is that those cliched check-box credentials that we often imagine would make a solid foundation for a great relationship aren’t as important as something far more natural and instinctive. Going back to that research team in Florida, we can meet Dr. Peter M. Crain, a physician and board-certified psychiatrist who has spent the last four decades observing a facet of human relationships called mental synchrony.

“While alone together and silent, do you feel at ease with your partner?”

Granted, it’s not a term that you’ll hear every day, but mental synchrony can be described as the spontaneous “chemistry” that some people experience when meeting a new love interest. Fascinatingly, the work of Dr. Crain and his team at CP Research Associates indicated that mental synchrony is the true magic that informs a couple’s connection. This led them to develop an innovative and ground-breaking series of couple compatibility questions that accurately measure the chemistry of love between couples, and provide them with expert guidance on how to further enhance their natural connection.

Asking the Love Match Questions that Count

So, what does this mean for your relationship? Well, rather than asking whether you have the same taste in music or travel destination bucket list, Crain’s research reveals that we should instead be asking questions like whether you feel as if you and your partner fit together like pieces in a puzzle, or whether you feel at ease with your partner when alone together and silent. Within our frenetic modern lives, we often don’t stop to ask ourselves these kinds of things, but digging into the science of romance highlights that such seemingly small observations can allow us to trace the chemistry of love for real!

Do you feel that  feel like your partner fully respects you, accepting you for who you truly are?

Excitingly, as Dr. Crain and his team continue their investigation into the secret formula of romantic connection, they have launched an online couples survey based on their findings that is a real-deal response to all those inaccurate magazine quizzes. If you’re ready to confirm your intuitions about your love match, not only can you complete the survey with your partner for free, but you can do so entirely anonymously. The results will include six eye-opening scores that explain your relationship’s unique chemistry of love credentials, as well as handy resources to help you both find even more satisfaction in your connection—if that’s what you’d like to do!

Diving yet deeper into your relationship, you’ll find yourselves weighing up things like whether you and your partner complete each other’s sentences, and whether you feel that  feel like your partner fully respects you, accepting you for who you truly are. After answering separately and confidentially, both of you will be able to view your results together, understanding your relationship far more fully, while anonymously contributing to continuing cutting-edge research into that wonderful thing that makes the world go round! Are you ready to get stuck into couple compatibility questions that are really rooted in science? If the answer is yes, then you and your partner can check them out here!