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Dr. Crain invites you to take a survey that studies the “chemistry” shared by couples in their relationships.



A couple's mental synchrony

The mission of CP Research Associates is to elucidate this “chemistry” for the purpose of matching partners who best relate to each other,, as well as suggest ways that existing relationships can maximize their potential to satisfy both partners.

CP Research Associates is founded by Dr. Crain, a physician and board certified psychiatrist in the USA, who during 40 years of practice, has been intrigued by the observation that some people, complete strangers, on their first encounter experience a spontaneous “chemistry,” a type of brain function called mental synchrony, which enables them to automatically understand and communicate with each other.

This anonymous survey does not request your identity and that of your partner. Nobody will know who you are, including CP Research Associates, which has no affiliation with any organization or government.

All answers to questions in this survey are confidential. Although partners do not have access to each other’s questionnaires, after both are submitted to the survey, the results of their participation show six scores with their explanations, immediately made available for review. The results also suggest how to improve relationships and provide information about sites where couples can go to benefit further in their relationships, if they so desire.

Your participation is much appreciated.

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The Team

Ongoing Research & Expertise

Peter M. Crain

Peter M. Crain, MD, the founder of CP Research Associates, is a board certified psychiatrist, retired from 40 years of practice, who teaches part-time on the faculty of a medical school and devotes himself to this project, designed to benefit people of all ages, color, ethnicity and nationality.

Jun Yin

With a masters of Public Health—MPH. Biostatistics from Columbia University in New York, Jun has held such roles as Clinical Data Analyst, Pharmaceutical Industry Investigator, and now as Statistician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Jun’s expertise extends to her programming skills earning the SAS Certified Advanced Programme.

  • Peter M. Crain
  • MD, Founder
  • Jun Yin
  • M.S. Statistician Analyst